A Philippines based team with a global mindset

At the core of our founding is a deep understanding of the challenges Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Philippines face, particularly in securing business loans.

We observed how traditional banks often fail to meet the needs of SMEs, coupled with the unfair advantage big companies hold by enforcing extended credit terms, sometimes up to 90 days (hence, n90).

We have seen this practice disrupts the cash flow and stability of smaller businesses, making their growth and sustainability difficult. So we established our lending company to offer a fairer, more accessible financial landscape for SMEs.


Our mission

SME's are the backbone of our economy and the heart of our communities, and there is no better way to help them then by becoming their trusted financial partner.

Our mission is to become a relationship lender that can finally bridge the gap in financial accessibility by providing innovative and tailored lending solutions to trusted partners that encourage local businesses to grow with the power of leverage.

n90 is more than a lender; we are a partner in progress, dedicated to fueling the success of local businesses and the prosperity of the communities they serve.

The values that drive us forward.

Guided by our core principles, we navigate the path to financial empowerment with integrity, clarity, and unwavering determination.


Building relationships on the foundation of mutual reliability


Clear terms, no hidden fees – honesty is our policy


Unwavering commitment to overcome challenges and support your business growth

Our leadership team

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